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Where can I find out more about a car?

Whether you want to know a car’s MPG from its insurance group, we’ve got you covered

Manufacturers’ and dealers’ sales material is usually pretty glitzy, but sometimes falls short on the detail. It certainly doesn’t give you opinions from actual owners of the car, does it? Here’s how you can go about getting both factual and useful information on that new car you’ve got your eye on.

Through the dealer or manufacturer

If you’re looking at a box-fresh new car, then the manufacturer's or dealer’s site is the best place to start. Between their online catalogue, brochures and car configurators, they’ll usually have all of the stats and technical details of their current range available.

If it’s a used car, then it’s a little more difficult. Depending on the year, many cars will pre-date the ‘digitisation’ of all this. Even if it’s just a few years old, it can be difficult to find previous year’s specifications of each car. You can look at some other sites that collate this information, but it all can be a little fragmented and disjointed.

So, what can I do?

We all know it can be a bit painful searching across the manufacturer’s and dealer’s site, so that’s why we’ve collated all details for your car on our site. Not only do you get the technical details about a car’s MPG, or how many bags from Tesco you can fit in the boot, but we’ve also asked our 2 million users to rate their cars. So, now you can find out the truth about that car from people who actually own it, not those selling it.

If you’ve got the reg of a car that you want to find out more about, why not start here.

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If you’re just interested a car, but don’t have a reg, then our specifications sections will help you out.

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