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Ford Motorcraft Service Keeps Your Older Car at Its Best for Less

How Ford Motorcraft low cost service keeps your vehicle in prime condition plus eligibility, price, and how to book

Reasons to service your vehicle

The Ford Motorcraft Service slashes the cost of maintenance once your vehicle’s warranty has expired to only £159. That is significant. Why? Because it is important to continue to maintain your vehicle even though it is a little older, a little less valuable, and it sports a few battle scars from various adventures.

Servicing, after all, is best perceived as an investment in your car’s future rather than a cost. It ensures it is safe, for starters. As such, the technician checks the brakes to confirm you stop safely, quickly, and without drama even in difficult conditions. You therefore feel relaxed and can enjoy the open road.

Servicing also identifies minor problems before they become serious. The technician tops up the antifreeze, for example. Its purpose is to stop the coolant which circulates throughout the engine freezing. If it freezes, it might expand and crack the engine which is a serious, expensive, fault that is easily avoided.

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The Ford Motorcraft Service also minimises wear and tear. The vehicle gets new engine oil, after all. New oil more effectively cleans, cools, and lubricates the parts that have to work at their best if your car is to meet expectations. The full list of work is:

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Antifreeze check and top up
  • Brake fluid check and top up
  • Windscreen wash check and top up
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures
  • Battery check
  • Reset service light
  • Wash and vacuum
  • Steering check
  • Visual alignment check
  • Brake check (wheels off)
  • Check transmission oil
  • Pollen or air filter change (optional additional cost)

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Why trust Ford?

Ford is best placed to service your car as it created it from scratch. The technicians know it best, in other words. They therefore have brand specific training, brand specific tools, and only fit genuine parts to guarantee the best performance. The same cannot be said for rivals who install sub-standard, replica, parts.

How to book a service online

Ford makes it easy to book a service via its website, and also above. Simply enter your car’s registration and mileage to get started. Such facts enable it to be uniquely identified. Now confirm your postcode so the manufacturer can show you a list of local participating dealers. Furthermore:

  • Pick your favoured dealership
  • Select Motorcraft Service
  • Add any additional work you require such as new brake pads
  • Pick a date and time
  • Confirm your personal details
  • Relax and know your vehicle is in safe hands

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