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Mazda Service Plan for Safe, Reliable, Great Value Motoring

Why Mazda Service Plan is the cost effective way to keep your car safe, reliable, and ready for anything.

By Stephen Turvil
Mar 03, 2020
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Reasons to service your car

Your Mazda has to be ready for any challenge your lifestyle demands. It has to be safe, reliable, and a loyal companion whatever the circumstances. A Mazda Service Plan ensures it is up to the task. On this basis, it is an investment in your vehicle’s future – and therefore your lifestyle – rather than a cost. It can:

  • ensure your car works at peak efficiency
  • minimise wear and tear
  • provide an opportunity for technicians to spot faults
  • improve fuel consumption
  • help you feel confident behind the wheel

Mazda strives to offer the best possible care as your car passes through its workshop. It is serviced by technicians with brand-specific training, for example. Furthermore, they only fit the manufacturer’s own, high-quality components rather than sub-standard replicas. This guarantees optimum fit and performance. 

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Fixed Price Servicing

A Mazda Service Plan is the easy way to keep your car in prime condition. There are various options to choose from. Fixed Price Servicing, for instance. Here, a single payment covers the cost of servicing for 3 years or up to 37,500 miles (whatever comes first).

Pay Monthly Service Plan

A Mazda Pay Monthly Service Plan is among the alternatives. Rather than pay for several services via a lump sum, instalments spread the cost and make it easy to manage your money. However you pay, the price is set in stone and cannot be increased. That is in your interest. Fixing the cost now protects you from inflationary rises.

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Digital Service Record System

Servicing your car does more than keeping it safe, reliable, and ready for the open road. It creates a paper trail that maximises its trade-in value when it is time to move on. This is because service history proves it has been cared for – and that is worth a premium.

For such reasons, it is important to have a complete, undisputed, and accessible service record. This has traditionally been a problem for the motor industry in the United Kingdom. Why? Because it has tended to rely on service booklets that incorporate ink stamps. Booklets can be easily lost, stolen, damaged, and/or faked.

Mazda has the solution. Its Digital Service Record System is an online database which proves your vehicle’s credentials. It confirms when it was serviced, at what mileages, and by which garages. The My Mazda app gives you access to this resource. For further peace of mind, you can request a printed copy if preferred.

By Stephen Turvil
Mar 03, 2020
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