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Audi A1

from £18,895
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Best for economy
25 TFSI Technik 5dr
Cheapest tax
25 TFSI Sport 5dr
Per year
Cheapest insurance
25 TFSI Technik 5dr
Ins. groups
Best for luggage capacity
25 TFSI Technik 5dr
User Reviews

G Cross

A great small car with amazing performance

Jessica Stanley

Good car but very expensive for what it is

Maryanne Grainger

Love Audi. Never had any problems with them and iv had 3

Nigel Elliott

Really happy when I got this second-hand. Definitely worth the price!

Kath Elsby

Good quality small car with good acceleration and very 'driver friendly'

Paul Wensley

Love it solid car

Steve Hodgson-Berry

Audi A! TFSi 1.4 Turbo. Love the drive, Auto box amazing. Bought it with only 3000 mils on it. now 30,000 still feels tight as...

Peter B

Brilliant little car that handles motorway to country roads really well. We find no problem driving from UK down the A6 to the...

Catherine Ann McDougall

I love it had renewed a love of driving in me

Lesleyann Stewart Stewart

Great car, with the poke that’s needed when driving on the motorway
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