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User Reviews
  • "Tremendous vehicle for age. A bit heavy on tyres."
    - Michael Cole
  • "Excellent vehicle, does everything I need very well."
    - Phil
  • "2.0 tdi auto underpowered around town ,but makes up for it on motorway driving"
    - ray gambling
  • "Moving up from our old A4 Avant, the A6 Avant is a step up in terms of cabin space and boot space. Much more refined, stylish and..."
    - James
  • "A quiet comfortable long distance load carrier. Surprisingly frugal on diesel - easily achieving 50mpg on motorway runs. Plenty of..."
    - T Wood
  • "very Reliable, has done over 157,000 and still runs with out missing a beat, can be expensive to repair when thing do go wrong."
    - Daniel Barberini
  • "Great family car with space, performance and lloks. Above all else, it is reliable, extremely well built and has delivered 43.3mpg..."
    - Joe Kerridge
  • "Luxury motoring, fantastic space,holds price, well pleased."
    - Brian Precious
  • "Build quality excellent. Fuel consumption 46 mpg urban,53 to 60 mpg on a long run. 114000 ml driven, new track rods suspension..."
    - John Stobart
  • "Excellent Car, both in performance and comfort.The best car I have owned and have owned several Mercedes"
    - A.Ball
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