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User Reviews
  • "High running costs however offset by lpg conversion"
    - Kyle
  • "Excellent room very comfortable prestige 4x4 "
    - Robert Brown
  • "very refined vehicle with a fantastic gear box. Amazing performance for such a large car."
    - S B
  • "done 90,000 miles in it so far. Always been reliable with a few niggles on replacement of parts. Only major item to go in 105,000..."
    - andrew stern
  • "Great car, just never felt as well built as the German 3 and 5 series (these are made in the US). Too many annoying rattles and..."
    - Trevor Osborne
  • "Got a very lot of folts"
    - dave
  • "Excellent 4x4, looks like new, stylish and a great drive. Still turns heads. Just costly to run as it is a 3L petrol."
    - Dean KImber
  • "Excellent power and driving comfort also good towing car only downside is running costs"
    - A Maxwell
  • "Solidly built, good handling but very hard ride. Fuel consumption disappointing."
    - Andy Pollock
  • "very cheap switchers not built to last"
    - dave
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