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User Reviews
  • "Great car, drives like a dream with bullet proof BMW build quality! Boot space isn't as bad as as I thought, infact quite generous..."
    - Dave O'Hare
  • "A future classic sports car which is great fun and engaging to drive. "
    - Neal Courtney
  • "A near perfect sports car with great handling and driver engagement"
    - Beccy Courtney
  • "Huge fun and very fast. Couple of small issues and exhaust failed but all within warranty and dealt with quickly. "
    - John Bishop
  • "For a 2 seater this car has plenty room for baggage and passengers. Very good build quality with excellent drivers..."
    - Andrew Dodd
  • "An excellent drive, spoilt only by niggling design flaws"
    - Trevor Pitt
  • "Love the car but getting a bit expensive to run"
    - kristine
  • "Beautiful car but will have to part exchange due to running costs"
    - Kristine
  • "Car suffers from excessive road noise. Frightening to drive at any thing approaching quick due to horrendous tram-lining. - Buy..."
    - ken atkinson
  • "looks good and with plenty of added bits assuming the original owners bought them. Drives well apart from on bumpy pot holed roads..."
    - andy
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