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The UK's best-selling car, brilliant to drive, practical and dependable.

User Reviews
  • "My Fiesta Zetec Blue is just 'not bad' in most respects. It comes with a decent level of kit for a small car (Bluetooth stereo,..."
    - Aled Williams
  • "Downsized to the Fiesta and expected to be dissapointed, but no, it's a fab car, nippy, great to park, great MPG even round town..."
    - Sue
  • "You get what it says on the tin.A small economic car that always starts and the parts are cheap."
    - Pam Stephenson
  • "Ford stated this 1.6 ECOnetic can do an amazing 76 mpg, LIES all lies it "
    - Steve Maylin
  • "Great car"
    - Ian Russell
  • "Very noisy on some roads, good handling, 1.4 engine is not very economical for size of car."
    - David Cov
  • "Great all-rounder. Only one small irk - I find the mechanism for folding front seats to enable access to rear on the 3-door..."
    - Brian Cameron
  • "gret car and with discounts a great price. ive own'ed 119 cars and the fiesta is up in the top ones."
    - t p broome
  • "Over a good car"
    - Jo Passmore
  • "ITs a good handerling car but could do with a more modern engine, with a bit more power and MPG. As i belive its is the same egine..."
    - James Kingman