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Features an award winning engine, is great value and has a well-equiped interior.

User Reviews
  • "All round good family car that always starts first time, Comfy, also quiet, good driving position, pleasant todrive"
    - Gordon Houston
  • "i have had this car since it was 12 months old. to date i have had no major issues with it, the air con has recently stopped..."
    - Mike Wilcock
  • "A fantastic car, puts a smile on my face each and every time I drive it"
    - Iain macraild
  • "Avoid the 3 door as dealing with a car seat is un needed stress. Almost bullet proof as long as you have it serviced regularly...."
    - paul rogerson
  • "good solid run about with enough space for the kids."
    - Paul
  • "A great car that has been very reliable and economical (diesel)"
    - Keith
  • "Pleasant car to drive For a basic model feels of a good standard"
    - Martin Brown
  • "Bought as a very cheap 'station' car, for two 6 mile runs per day. The car has performed beautifully. There are a few odd clunks..."
    - P Brown
  • "seats could be a bit more comfortable. "
    - D R Head
  • "I find the car easy to drive,view from the driving seat nice and clear. The interior a bit bland no real extras , no real spare..."
    - Colin Wallace