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Jaguar XE

from £33,915
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Best for speed
2.0 [300] S 4dr Auto AWD
Cheapest tax
2.0d S 4dr Auto
Per year
Cheapest insurance
2.0d S 4dr Auto AWD
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User Reviews


This car is in competition with the normal German bunch of manufacturers and to me it is the best of the bunch. This car is a...

Alan TAylor

Looking to replace with same.

Mario Lambrias

Great performance from the 2ltr engine. With a good return of 40mpg on average. Could do with the rear seats folding down to...

Peter Morgan

sounds good glad i have one

R shillito

Best ever driving experience.

Mark Rando

Always wonted one to retire with glad I did they just made an update on the car to interiorand exterior much im proved over German...

Ken Hicks

This is a true drivers car £20 road tax 70miles per gallon sticks to the road like glue the only thing that lets it down is no...

michael Bennett

Very pleased with my Jag.Quality,comfort and performance


Fabulous road tax.....10,000 miles averaged nearly was 85mpg over 90 miles on motorway at...

Richard Potter

Great Looking car, I assume the new model will only improve it
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