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User Reviews
  • "A great little car all round. Always gets noticed, and a smile. Not the most comfortable ride, but an all round classic. "
    - David lockwood
  • "This Jeep Wrangler is a great little motor, go anywhere, move anything, especially a boat, and top off all Summer. What could be..."
    - Clive Towl
  • "I got this car because this is the model limited edition I wanted never mind the cost or the cost to run it just had to have it..."
    - William Lindsay
  • "I have had a few wranglers never auto got it for the missus must say but it is easy driving but the biggest bit is the build..."
    - william lindsay
  • "had a few of these every year it gets better build quality & comfort so 100% "
    - william lindsay
  • "great fun"
    - peter d brooks
  • "Modified jeep great off on and off road brill in the snow"
    - Mark Wood