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User Reviews
  • "Has lived up completely, in terms of its reliability, to the many surveys, including JD Power."
    - Vivian Rees
  • "best car "
    - john
  • "its a lexus ls"
    - js
  • "I have owned Rolls, Mercs & BMWs etc but I have never drive a car as smooth as my Lexus I just want to keep going out for a drive"
    - Norman Neal
  • "Whilst fuel cost high, low maintenance and reliability compensate. Very good value for low mileage owners"
    - Gary
  • "The best car you can buy for £1500. They might be old now, but the quality oozes out, still feel like a new car, and the toys you..."
    - Mark Sedgwick
  • "the best "
    - j scott
  • "Better than an S Class"
    - John Glendinning
  • "Top class luxury"
    - John Glendinning
  • "A very advanced car got its time. The technology has now worked its way down to the family hatchback."
    - David
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