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User Reviews
  • "One amazing car for the money you can point it where you want , it grips and goes like hell! Treat it with respect in the wet and..."
    - Jason Trevor
  • "The most wonderful car I have owned. Totally impractical for most things (especially for families) but great fun and,..."
    - Mike Cadman
  • "Excellent to drive or just look at. Very exciting to own. A good investment."
    - MA Smith
  • "Excellent drivers car. Brilliant handling and road holding Stands out from the crowd"
    - Brian Russell
  • "Fantastic to drive, fast, sublime handling, economical, strong and reliable, low depreciation. As far as sport cars go this is..."
    - Philip Pilgrim
  • "faultless and brilliant best sports car in the world"
    - Alastair Florance
  • "The 1.6 Toyota engine Elise is the most complete driving experience I have ever encountered. "
    - mark marsden
  • "The lotus Elise is a car that has to be driven by an experienced driver. There is plenty of torque available and the cornering..."
    - Jason Burchell
  • "Pure to drive, perfect for diy maintenance owners, British Design and Built, an absolute gem. Came 1st in Autocar Icon of Icons..."
    - Keith Starr
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