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User Reviews
  • "I bought this car new after testing lots of the cars in this class, the Mazda gave the best value for money for a 5 door small car..."
    - Steve
  • "Very pleased with the Mazda 2 It promised to be a small, economical car with excellent build quality and that's exactly what it..."
    - G. Watkins
  • "Average car."
    - John Flynn
  • "Good allround car for older type person doing low mileage and careful with money! "
    - Geoffrey Whitfield
  • "Would have liked better MPG"
    - Phil
  • "The Mazda 2 has great looks both inside and out and a reputation for safety, reliability and quality which is what initially..."
    - Stuart Carrier
  • "great wee shopping basket and the sat nav/ audio is a dream"
    - eric perkins
  • "Good"
    - Assi
  • "Great wee car, lots of toys and automatic bits "
    - Eric Perkins
  • "Good looking,economical, user friendly,spacious little gem"
    - Liz Mostyn Jones
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