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User Reviews
  • "Good fun for reasonable money"
    - Nigel Hawes
  • "I've had this car for SIX years now - before the MX5 I always changed cars every 2 years. The reasons - I still love driving it,..."
    - Chris
  • "The best car I have ever owned in my life. I absolutely love driving it. The retractable roof is amazing (better than BMW Z4) and..."
    - John
  • "Lovely sports car with lots of character. It has been to Italy and back three times with no trouble and with enough boot space for..."
    - Grenville Shipley
  • "Great car, fun to drive. Ample space for everyday use for 1/2 people."
    - Herbie
  • ""It does what it says on the tin" - fun in the summer and usable in the winter"
    - Alan Hendry
  • "fun car"
    - terry botto
  • "A fun car and totally impracticable, which is exactly what i wanted."
    - Steve
  • "Great to drive, easy to live with, totally reliable. OK for short people like me, less so for tall ones."
    - Michael Klein
  • "A good fun car and a joy to drive"
    - P Denning