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With classy interior inspired by the S Class limo, the C Class is a sleek choice.

User Reviews
  • "Bought used from a Mb dealer. Quality car . Very good on long runs. E.g 700 miles trip with still 100 miles left in tank. "
    - Paul Beardmore
  • "Parts and Servicing costs horrendous. Found parts failing on this new car that never did on previous used non Merc cars"
    - Ian
  • "A lovely car to drive"
    - Martin oneill
  • "A great car with all the extras included and a superb diesel engine with plenty of power but still frugal on the juice when..."
    - Mike Wilson
  • "Super for driving on motorways cruise all day long Not so good for towing my caravan"
    - Graeme Nicolson
  • "An excellent all-round car which manages to combine genuinely impressive mpg economy with serious performance on-tap when..."
    - Steve Shortland
  • "Terrific performance and mpg. Basic Satnav rubbish ever with a 2012 disc from Mercedes. Stereo not the best quality. Overall the..."
    - Graeme Forsyth
  • "Generally a well built car with an excellent all round performance"
    - Alistair DB Smith
  • "this car is everything I could wish for. Style., grace, performance, and build"
    - david poole
  • "An excellent drive, but if you like to be accelerator happy the fuel consumption is not good."
    - Maxine