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User Reviews
  • "Great all round car excellent economy very responsive luxury feel throughout "
    - Keith Suttle
  • "Was looking to purchase a Range Rover Evoque when I came across the Mercedes GLA. The GLA is better equipped than the Range Rover..."
    - Marcus
  • "superb sports utility vehicle which is very economical"
    - Vince Buck
  • "The 7 speed auto box and frugal diesel engine means I am getting 50 to 60 mpg. "
    - Ian Young
  • "Comfortable and quiet"
    - A. McGarel-Groves
  • "First the good :Built like a tank; Looks great and is cheap to run and own. Now the not so good : just too over-teched for a..."
    - Gordon Davison
  • "A good mini SUV with 4 wheel drive ability. Particularly satisfied with its appearance and performance. "
    - Kim Ng
  • "A great car never any problems we got what we were expecting a quality German car brilliant."
    - John Ambler
  • "Great car very spacious.. Feels glued to the road.. Fast a head Turner.. One of my best cars"
    - Mario Balestri Balestri
  • "Great, quality car.Feel safe and confident. No problems. "
    - Richard Gallagher