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User Reviews
  • "Love the shape, dissapointed with the ride, rattles and very poor mpg"
    - Bob
  • "Disappointing fuel consumption and very hard ride - tyres are run flat type that cannot be repaired and cost around £200-£250..."
    - Anthony Thomas
  • "Larger cabin & boot space than you think , very nice car to drive. Handles well in the ice and snow"
    - Jo
  • "A great replacement for my Freelander with lower emissions and better economy. Just have to make more trips when lugging loads..."
    - David freeman
  • "excellent 4 wheel drive,very happy with,fuel average 38MPG"
    - cHURCH
  • "Style and quality is good. I know its a Mini but as the Countryman is sold as a grown up family Mini then the ride is poor and to..."
    - Sid
  • "A very pleasant car to drive, economical,comfortable.And reliable."
    - Trevor Wood
  • "A comfortable car for long or short journeys in all weather conditions. AC helps when hot or cold. Steering is well weighted and..."
    - John H. Kemble
  • "quality of headlights not up to scrsatch. in fact I would go so far as to say they are dangerous"
    - w mccouaig
  • "Nice car suits me well . All our friends love the funky look ."
    - Malc Lyon