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User Reviews
  • "Supercar performance for executive family saloon price."
    - Steve Panton
  • "Brilliant car. Will match almost any supercar or hyper car on the road.....but running costs extremely high. "
    - Dave
  • "Awesome car. Never met its match on the road"
    - dave gibbs
  • "These are the bargain performance cars. I have owned many cars including Porsche Turbo. This is highly superior"
    - Robert Vipan
  • "Awesome bang for buck!"
    - Dan
  • "Brilliant performance at reasonable price."
    - John
  • "fast, expensive to maintain... fast as hell!"
    - gtr-fastashell
  • "Best value for money Supercar "
    - sean warburton
  • "I have always chased my dreams, and I have achieved them with this car"
    - ian kendal
  • "great buy, its like a drug"
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