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A popular blend of coupe and SUV, it comes with plenty of tech and value pricing.

User Reviews
  • "30 miles to the gallon and very small fuel tank"
    - Jeff Brunton
  • "OK as a car . Not impressed with size of tank or size of boot. Actual Mpg does not tie in with that shown on computer"
    - James Marland
  • "great visibility, nice road position, comfortable"
    - Pamela Johnston
  • "Fun car to drive,like the high driving posistion,good value for money"
  • "Excellent car, takes a 6ft6 rugby sized man, his kayak and camping gear 300 miles to cornwall 3 times a year without any issues...."
    - jack
  • "Lovely car, I've been looking for a car like this for ages. Great price too!"
    - Marco Pediani
  • "really underestimated car, (bit of marmite, you either like or hate the shape)has 3 drive modes and handles brilliantly in all...."
    - b mabon
  • "Bought from new got a good deal, different to all the other cars purchased before, great equipment levels.bit like marmite I love..."
    - Mark
  • "Bought quite recently but already done more than 1,000 miles. Performance is very good enhanced by the Turbo.Handles well and..."
    - J. Bostock
  • "Great car to drive although you have to stop often on long distance journeys averaging around 29 mpg. "
    - Chris Morris
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