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Nissan Leaf

from £29,845
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User Reviews

Richard Walker

May not be brilliant as your only car but every family should have one! Accross town from A to B it would beat my Porsche any day...

Mr Michael Gundry

Good all round car.

Mr m Gundry



Faultless car. So pleased I opted for electric. No gears, no clutch, just smooth, easy motoring. Charging infrastructure is now...

SUSAN Heckles

The British built Leaf is an excellent choice of electric vehicle providing this type of car suits your lifestyle. Although not...

Ray Miller

Should have had them long ago, just magic

Peter Robertson

The jury is still out on wether electric cars will take off but if they can sort out enough charging points, boost the range and...

Philip J W Vaughan

The Leaf is great car which cost little to run,is fun to drive,is quiet, comfortable,envirolmently friendly and very safe.

G Wild

Nissan Leaf is a very easy car to drive. Basically stop and go! Very quick and responsive considering all the weight of the...

John Bennett

I use as many "Free" charging points as possiable and have spent about 60 pence since March on fuel.I drive over 50 miles per day....
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