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User Reviews
  • "May not be brilliant as your only car but every family should have one! Accross town from A to B it would beat my Porsche any day..."
    - Richard Walker
  • "Good all round car."
    - Mr Michael Gundry
  • "Good"
    - Mr m Gundry
  • "Faultless car. So pleased I opted for electric. No gears, no clutch, just smooth, easy motoring. Charging infrastructure is now..."
    - Thomas
  • "The British built Leaf is an excellent choice of electric vehicle providing this type of car suits your lifestyle. Although not..."
    - SUSAN Heckles
  • "Should have had them long ago, just magic"
    - Ray Miller
  • "The jury is still out on wether electric cars will take off but if they can sort out enough charging points, boost the range and..."
    - Peter Robertson
  • "The Leaf is great car which cost little to run,is fun to drive,is quiet, comfortable,envirolmently friendly and very safe. "
    - Philip J W Vaughan
  • "Nissan Leaf is a very easy car to drive. Basically stop and go! Very quick and responsive considering all the weight of the..."
    - G Wild
  • "I use as many "Free" charging points as possiable and have spent about 60 pence since March on fuel.I drive over 50 miles per day...."
    - John Bennett
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