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Affordable and easy to drive, the Micra is efficent and spacious inside.

User Reviews
  • "breat car in its class as a super mini"
    - Martin
  • "Various little irritating design faults, but nevertheless, a quite stylish and zippy car."
    - John Cassidy
  • "A good, solid car"
    - Kevin
  • "Good"
    - Patel
  • "this is good small car economical and convenient "
    - apurva
  • "Well satified and for me ticks all the right boxes."
    - Robert Gravells
  • "a good run about"
    - Norman Wesson
  • "Having owned at least 10 cars in my lifetime,this is without a doubt the best car with regard to reliability.70000 miles & only..."
    - Lewis Price
  • "This little motor is good for someone who is looking for their first car who has maybe just passed their driving test or is still..."
    - Lauren
    - TREVOR
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