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The #1 selling crossover is comfortable and practical with a classy interior.

User Reviews
  • "Had new petrol Ntec for 3 months. Driving position, standard of trim, accessibility, and build quality are excellent BUT fuel..."
    - John Walsh
  • "My 2012 Qashqai N-tec 1.6 petrol is an excellent car great looks and plenty of room. Equipment levels are great (on this model)..."
    - David Ross
  • "The 1.5 diesel engine is a little under powered for a car of this size and weight. Apart from that the car does what I need it to..."
    - Matt
  • "The Qashqai maintains its status as a leader in its field. The original urban crossover, it's still the best. The 360 degree..."
    - Paul Stuart
  • "Only minor problems: internal courtesy light has poor retaining clips and falls down; tailgate lock rattles. Over £200..."
    - Daniel Barraclough
  • "Overall it is a good car, however the interiors could have been better for the cost paid"
    - Premkumar Ekambaram
    - Mr Gilbert Fernandes
  • "I have a 1.5L petrol Qashqui and knew it would not have exceptional acceleration, but having had a more sporty type of car..."
    - Robert Harding
  • "Good to drive, nice driving position with a good height above other cars, i have 2 litre turbo diesel, with approx 60 mile to the..."
    - Ron Thomson
  • "Very plesed with the car a 1.6 petrol urban MPG 35, performance is very good, thought it would be under powerd for the size of the..."
    - Mike Gale
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