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User Reviews
  • "Absolutely love my car. No complaints whatsoever"
    - Julia Swinerd
  • "My previous car was a Peugeot 405 auto and I was a bit apprehensive about the electronic gearbox, but no worries it is just as..."
    - Brian Phillips
  • "Apart from a harsh ride due to low profile tyres, this is an excellent vehicle replacing a 407"
    - B M Phillips
  • "Getting good MPG on 50 mile round trips 3 times a week on motorways."
    - B M Phillips
  • "Good car very quick 4 a 1200 good style"
    - margaret cooper
  • "Good little all round car. Great on Fuel, zero tax, low insurance"
    - peter marston
  • "Free road tax free residents parking, £10.00 diesel to 100 miles. Rubbish acceleration only con."
    - Julie Scarlett
  • "The XY is a 'All bell and whistles' version of the 208. It has everything that you would expect on a 'quality' brand such as BMW..."
    - Alastair Goodale
  • "For someone looking for a small car with big ideas this is the one. The Allure has a host of equipment as standard & the 1.4..."
    - Dave Rowell
  • "Comfortable, economical and a joy to drive. Makes motorway journeys seem shorter than they are. "
    - Charlie Alexander
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