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User Reviews
  • "Excellent 4x4 with feel and handling of a sports car. Diesel very efficient but still some noticeable flat spots due to turbo lag...."
    - Edward
  • "A fantastic car to drive and own. The build quality is excellent, and the economy very good for a 4x4 of its size. "
    - Mark Hemsley
  • "Very happy with this vehicle"
    - Alex McAndrew
  • "Great car, it is extremely comfortable and extremely frugal for its size. It has been completely reliable and has not had any..."
    - Andrew Pierce
  • "Awesome 4x4 but poor fuel economy and sluggish performance unless revved hard.."
    - Roger Thomas
  • "All in all a very nice drive"
    - Roy dickson
  • "superb motor"
    - roy dickson
  • "Excellent car, really good drive, reasonable mix of economy and performance. "
    - Nick Whitby
  • "It's quite expensive to run particularly parts and petrol models"
    - Ishwar Bhatia
  • "very good all round motor"
    - roy dickson
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