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User Reviews
  • "can you get better for the price - I think not....although I have a 4C on order!"
    - malcolm
  • "It's got to be the best overall useable high end sports car....until the 4C arrives?"
    - malcolm
  • "said good for space as considering it's a 2 seater the luggage space in front and back is good. "
    - richard griffiths
  • "This car is the muts nuts for sure--drives like an FI car but comfortable and glued to the road, space for 2 full size suitcases..."
    - Clive
  • "If you're looking to get into Porsche but concerned about the costs, pick up a 2nd hand Cayman and have a blast. There is a lot of..."
    - alastair
  • "The best car for day to day driving with a big smile on your face. Would not buy anything else even if I won the euro millions"
    - d hockborn
  • "The Cayman is a fantastic car, for a six cylinder is not too bad on fuel. The interior is made to last and is quiet and..."
    - david hockborn
  • "Great car never misses a beat surrpringly easy to maintain."
    - Walter Purves
  • "Exillerating!!!!!"
    - Mark
  • "Very happy"
    - Tom williams
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