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Modern looks, a smooth ride and efficient engines make this a popular choice.

User Reviews
  • "I bought this car as I wanted something cheap but still quite nippy, enough space for 4 people and that could handle motorways..."
    - andy
  • "Goes like shit off a shovel, handles like a go kart but is a bit on the thirsty dide"
    - steve jones
  • "Nice drive stylish shape and feels well put toghear"
    - Peter Davidson
  • "Great small car that runs forever on next to nothing. dump the Eco tyres though because they're rubbish in rain and snow."
    - Ian downes
  • "Petrol guzzler on the 1.6, but a hell of a lot of car on the second hand market for less than £4000. The car looks stunning and..."
  • "excellent estate car with good performance, pity the new estate is no where near the performance of the old,or roomier"
    - steff
  • "only bought car 1/03/2013 have driven 1000 miles and so far quite pleased "
    - r.mckitterick
  • "Lovely car. Powerful and economic."
    - Maria
  • "I have the 1.4 16v. This is a very good car, very low insurance and really good value for money. Very cheap for a 17 year old to..."
    - Ben Akroyd
  • "Renault Megane ...very econmical and looks great too ."
    - Joseph Eden
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