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User Reviews
  • "Very comfortable and practical, and with decent performance, also Subaru build quality and reliability are very impressive. I have..."
    - C.Cain
  • "excellent mpg heavy on tyres used to tow caravan"
    - Tom
  • "Heavy on tyres servicing costs high would not buy another one"
    - T Kelly
  • "Good all round permanent 4 wheel drive vehicle just a pity it isn't a diesel model"
    - Nev
  • "Better consumption than you might expect with this 2.5L petrol lineartronic. 30 mpg on short journeys, 34 mpg motorways. A really..."
    - Gareth B
  • "Very low maintenance costs, comfortable"
    - Fernando
  • "One of the best all round vehicles I have ever owned. real off road/bad weather ability - far better than most of the SUV's out..."
    - Adrian Dante
  • "One of the best cars I have ever owned"
    - Steven Barron
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