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User Reviews
  • "Only been running my Model S for a week but the handling and especially the acceleration bring a smile to my face every time and..."
    - Nigel
  • "An excellent car, performance, space and cost of ownership are outstanding. Technology far better than any other comparable car. ..."
    - Nigel Chapman
  • "Having previously owned premium cars such as Jaguars S and XF as well as Audi A6, I have found the Tesla Model S 85 to be an..."
    - Nigel Chapman
  • "An excellent inovative car. Extremely practical, easy to drive. Some minor problems but tesla service second to none. Would..."
    - Nigel Chapman
  • "The Tesla Model S is an outstanding vehicle. It bring a smile to my face every time I drive it. It is so easy to drive with..."
    - Nigel Chapman
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