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Spacious and reliable, the Yaris' efficency makes it a popular hatchback.

User Reviews
  • "The best car I have ever bought. Toyota pay a great deal of attention to build and quality. "
    - Jim Woodley
  • "great little car 60mpg.holds the road well,good excelaration.very comfy"
    - robbie ross
  • "Great as a driving school car, economy good, visibility good, comfort average to good, build quality good, easy to drive. Spec..."
    - David Pepperdine
  • "Nice little car ideal for short work journies. Doesn't handle corners as well as I would like."
    - Jayne Smith
  • "Great car reliable but am looking to buy the Renault Clio dynamique media nav"
    - James Hartley
  • "an excellent car, spacious & handles like a dream!"
    - Fay
  • "i have only had it for two days but the only thing wrong is the very reflective dash when driving towards the sun it is i believe..."
    - a battershill
  • "Most economical I have ever owned. Has a big car feel, and loves motorways"
    - E Woodric
  • "Economical with few sacrifices. Build quality seems very good but interior rather drab. A good choice if most of your driving is..."
    - Geoff Booth
  • "I have got a Toyota Yaris 1.4 D4D diesel its got excellent fuel economy and performance for a diesel is good for a small car its..."
    - kasar khokhar
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