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User Reviews
  • "Good car it's a pity that it is more expensive than a B Class Merc"
    - Melvin Lunn
  • "Over the past 40 years I have owned/driven 14 VW/Audi vehicles. My current car is probably the most disappointing. It is..."
    - T.Pinkerton
  • "Typical top quality Engineering and Build Quality. Best Auto gearbox by far. "
    - Richard Hodge
  • "good car , strong,, well built, good town fuel consumption. spacious, and comfortable"
    - noel bradley
  • "very pleased with my car "
    - noel bradley
  • "Not many of these on the road. This is basically an expanded VW Golf. It has the usual refinements that you would expect from VW...."
    - Paul Beardmore
  • "Much undersold but completely practical family SUV. A credit to VW. With the 1.5 turbocharged engine, my GT DSG has an exciting..."
    - Derek Parr
  • "It’s ideal for my use especially the ceiling height, big windscreen and extra view wide wing mirrors , leg room in the back with..."
    - Thomas Mowbray
  • "Very reliable classy interior full of good features."
    - Eddie Griffiths
  • "Great car can’t think of anything I dont like about it ."
    - Thomas Mowbray
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