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User Reviews
  • "superb car"
    - david middle
  • "Great car for comfort and flexibility. Performance is good with the 175 hp diesel engine with plenty of overtaking power. Fuel..."
    - David Sewell
  • "A good alround car and an excellant drive for a large 4x4. Slightly higher fuel use than advertised. Great for towing the caravan...."
    - David Watwood
  • "Had the car 2.5 years and have been very pleased. We have a small car for local runs and use the Volvo for long journeys (live in..."
    - David Curry
  • "Ideal replacement for both Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mondeo Diesel Estate. Combines 4x4 with almost economy of Mondeo and is solid..."
    - Chris
  • "Versatile and comfortable but disappointing perceived build quality; no impression of interior trim longevity to match mechanical..."
    - Andy Witter
  • "A nice comfortable vehicle. Plenty of room in the back for my golf clubs or anything else we need to carry. Not the most..."
    - Peter Sharp
  • "A great towcar and for excellent for touring; comfortable and reliable"
    - Gary Wright
  • "Excellant long distance runner, good load lugger and good tow car. Very comfortable and generally very reliable "
    - David Watwood
  • "A good car,typical Volvo build with good reliability and all round performanve"
    - R Ventura
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