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How do I find cars available on finance?

By Phil Gardner | May 7, 2021


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Planning to buy a car on finance now lockdown restrictions have eased? You’re in the majority: most new cars are sold this way. Finding car finance isn’t, therefore, difficult at all.

How do I find cars available on finance?

Car shopping should be an exciting experience, and you shouldn’t feel at a disadvantage if you need to use finance. That’s how everyone is buying cars nowadays! Depending on what type of car you’re after, some finance might be harder to find, but if you’re in the market for a new car you’ll see plenty of offers flying around.

Manufacturer promotions

Of course, if most cars are sold on finance, it makes sense that most manufacturers will be offering some deals all of the time. Many manufacturers offer deposit contributions, as well as better interest rates for repayments – sometimes even at 0% APR. 

Dealer promotions

Yes, the dealerships like to get in on the act of offering finance, too. If you’ve found a local dealer nearby, you might want to ask them what their current offers are; they’ll probably be offering deposit contributions and good rates on finance. Sometimes, these can be combined with manufacturer promotions for even better offers. And with dealerships now back open in 2021 and every manufacturer eager for your business, there are some jaw-dropping deals to be had. 

Leasing websites

If you’re not bothered about owning a car outright, you can lease a car over a period of time. This prolonged rental system can work out cheaper than more traditional forms of car finance. The only issue is you’ll have to give the car back at the end of the agreement – so don’t get too attached. Think of it as a long term rental. 

I’d like to buy an older car

That’s a little bit trickier, as the majority of car finance is based largely on the car’s predicted future value. Using the PCP method of car finance, new – or nearly new – cars can work out cheaper to finance than older cars. If you’re buying a car that’s more than a decade or so old, you might need to consider a bank loan. You won’t find many, or any, 0% APR deals here though. On the plus side, older cars are cheaper to buy in the first place, so this method of finance may prove surprisingly affordable. 

Have a look around our site! 

Our site is littered with finance deals on new and used cars, and we’ve introduced the TrueDeal system, which ranks different cars based on how good a deal the finance offer actually is. This TrueDeal is calculated using complicated algorithms that will bore the life out of you. You can trust the TrueDeal system to give you an honest and simple judgement on how good a deal really is.

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