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Used car prices stay high in 2022
Motor industry experts predict that used car prices will stay high in 2022: find out why.
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The Greatest Motoring Country in the World
Life after the combustion engine marks another shift in the history of the motor vehicle, over 110 years since the first mass-produced car,...
Jan 18, 2022
Clean Air Zones for 2022: live now and coming soon
The UK cities that have, or will have, Clean Air Zones in 2022 as local authorities try to minimise pollution.
Jan 17, 2022
Greater Manchester Mayor facing backlash over Clean Air Zone charges
Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham is facing a severe backlash from businesses around Greater Manchester with many saying his plans to...
Jan 11, 2022
Road tax price hike from April 2022
Government reveals higher road tax rates that further encourage drivers to go electric from April 2022 in the UK.
Jan 11, 2022
New rules spark car insurance price hike fears for 2022
New rules that make car insurance premiums fairer could increase what some drivers pay from January 2022.
Jan 10, 2022
Audi engine badges explained for 2022
Audi engine, model name, and fuel badges explained for 2022.
Jan 04, 2022
Exciting new electric cars for 2022
Summary of the most enticing, enthralling, and quirky electric cars that launch in 2022.
Jan 04, 2022
Karl Lagerfeld’s Rolls-Royces sell for €1.18 million
Overview of the Rolls-Royces formerly owned by late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld that sold for €1.18 million
Jan 04, 2022
Your questions answered on electric car charging and infrastructure
We caught up with Co Charger CEO, Joel Teague, to answer your questions relating to electric car infrastructure
Dec 28, 2021
Drivers stung by sneaky extra car insurance fees
Expensive setup, renewal, and cancellation fees are increasingly added to car insurance policies in the UK
Dec 28, 2021
Reasons to be cheerful in 2022
We have had enough doom and gloom to last a lifetime and while there will be lots of hard times ahead, there are some exciting times to look...
Dec 28, 2021
Where does F1 go from here?
A little over a week ago since highly controversial scenes marred the end of an otherwise thrilling F1 season, we take a look back at your...
Dec 21, 2021
Government cuts EV grant as sales soar
As EV sales rocket in the UK, the government has reduced the number of vehicles eligible for an incentive.
Dec 21, 2021
Moving video of Stirling Moss' iconic Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR released
Mercedes-Benz release tribute to Sir Stirling Moss who dedicated decades of service to the brand
Dec 13, 2021
Discussion: What did you make of the F1 season finale and where do we go from here?
As the dust settles on another F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi, we want to hear from you about what happened at the weekend.
Dec 13, 2021
True cost of running an electric car
What it really costs to buy, tax, charge, and maintain a fully electric car compared to a petrol or diesel.
Dec 09, 2021
Over £4,000 worth of prizes up for grabs in heycar's Christmas competition
The mammoth prizes, which include a £1,500 John Lewis voucher, will be split between 12 winners. Find out what you need to do to enter...
Dec 08, 2021
Electric vehicles twice as likely to suffer wheel and tyre breakdowns
More than a third of breakdown calls made by owners are due to punctures, tyre damage or wheel issues
Dec 07, 2021
Would you be happy for people to charge their car on your drive?
Increasing numbers of motorists want to transition to electric cars and greener, more economical driving. But would you give up your drive...
Dec 07, 2021
Nissan’s 394PS, single seat, electric race car concept
Nissan powers its race car concept with the electric powertrain from a new, practical, sports-utility vehicle.
Dec 06, 2021
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