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Fate of Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner set to be announced
The Red Bull boss has been under investigation after a female employee complained about his behaviour
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Khan finally allows non-compliant Ulez cars to be sent to support Ukraine’s effort
The Mayor of London had previously blocked the plans at the end of 2023
Feb 27, 2024
These are the top things to know about Renault’s new 5 E-Tech
The new 5 arrives with multiple battery options and a very bold look.
Feb 26, 2024
The new '24' number plates banned by DVLA for being offensive
Every year DVLA officials meet to draw up a list of plates that it deems to be too risqué
Feb 23, 2024
Nissan’s gripping adventure in Finland
Nissan was so confident in its all-electric Ariya and e-POWER X-Trail models that they flew us out to Helsinki, Finland and from there we...
Feb 23, 2024
Police fail to solve three out of four car thefts, but what can you do to keep your vehicle safe?
Leaving your car parked up is part and parcel of vehicle ownership, so is there anything you’re able to do to make your motor less...
Feb 23, 2024
How does your profession affect your driving habits?
Study, spanning various professions, unveils intriguing connections between job roles and driving tendencies
Feb 22, 2024
Dacia Spring: Britain's most affordable EV
Dacia's upcoming Spring promises to revolutionise UK driving with its affordable price, efficient design, and impressive features,...
Feb 22, 2024
Breaking down the difference between push-rod and pull-rod suspensions in F1 cars
Push-rod and pull-rod suspensions have been a hot topic as F1 testing gets underway in Bahrain. We break down what it all means here.
Feb 22, 2024
Average speeds down by 4mph in Wales as minister says attitudes are ‘beginning to change’.
The highly controversial amendment of Wales’ national speed limit from 30mph to 20mph was introduced last year.
Feb 22, 2024
What’s the proper etiquette for driving on the motorway?
If you’re setting out onto the motorway for the first time - or are brushing up on your knowledge - then follow these tips and tricks to...
Feb 21, 2024
Over 16% of UK job listings now demand a licence, adding pressure amidst soaring motoring costs
Roles such as plumbers (67%), estate agents (59%), and care workers (34%) had more than a third of job advertisements requiring candidates...
Feb 21, 2024
Government reverses decision on tax increase of double cab pick-ups following industry backlash
It has retracted the policy just a week after its initial announcement.
Feb 20, 2024
In 2024, 5 million learner drivers predicted to compete for only 1.8 million available driving test slots
The findings suggest that the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is operating with a capacity one-third lower than necessary
Feb 20, 2024
Putin presents a new luxury car to Kim Jong-un
The gift is viewed as an indication of strong connections between secluded leaders and may potentially breach UN sanctions prohibiting the...
Feb 20, 2024
One year of no-claims discounts slashes car insurance premiums by £745
On average, the price difference in insurance premiums between drivers with no claims and those with ten years of no claims amounts to...
Feb 20, 2024
Edinburgh Tyre Extinguishers deflate tyres of 50 SUVs
The vigilante group took to Twitter stating they 'are back at it again, undeterred, with their first strike of 2024'
Feb 19, 2024
Smart motorway system failure caused six-car M6 pile-up
"The fact no one was killed is pure luck. Thankfully, God was watching over them, because we certainly weren't", said one anonymous insider
Feb 19, 2024
You could buy the King’s electric Jaguar
The first electric car of the British royal family, His Majesty King Charles' personal Jaguar I-Pace, is set to be auctioned.
Feb 19, 2024
Nissan: A Leader of the Pack
Nissan’s genesis dates back 110 years – and it’s been sending its cars to the UK for around half that time, albeit under the Datsun...
Feb 19, 2024
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