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New Hyundai finance offers for summer 2022
Hyundai finance offers make it easy to afford the car that suits your lifestyle, budget, and hopes for the future. You also have plenty of...
Aug 21, 2022
The best hybrid cars of 2022
The hybrid cars that are high on style and low on running costs
Aug 08, 2022
Best prestigious cars of 2022
We’ve rounded up our favourites from the best high-end brands   
Jul 11, 2022
The Queen’s car collection revealed
A champion of British brands and an eye for luxury, we take a look at the Queen's cars over the years
Jun 06, 2022
Explore what's on offer across the MINI range
The MINI range has been growing and growing ever since BMW took ownership of the brand shortly after the turn of the millennium. There’s...
Apr 20, 2022
2022 reviews in brief
We took BMW's, Audi's a Mercedes and a Porsche for test drives so far this year, here's what we said in brief
Apr 04, 2022
Electric cars to look out for in 2022
With 2022 fast approaching and lots of chat about the future of the motoring industry and how we will cope when purely petrol and diesel...
Nov 23, 2021
October's reviews in brief
We hopped in some gas-guzzling 4x4s, premium SUVs, hot hatches and a very tidy van in October. See what we thought in brief here…
Nov 02, 2021
The history of VW
Volkswagen is one of the most successful, loved, and popular car brands in the world and its history spans generations. Let us summarise the...
Sep 30, 2021
August's reviews in brief
There was a mix of luxury, sport and family practicality for us in August, and our favourite might just surprise you.
Sep 07, 2021
Explore the volkswagen van range and find the perfect commercial vehicle for your business
Volkswagen has been producing commercial vehicles ever since 1949 when the first Transporter model was built. This model was based on the...
Aug 13, 2021
July's car reviews in brief
Every month we hop in the latest sports cars, saloons, hatchbacks, 4x4s and everything in between. But we appreciate, even for the biggest...
Aug 10, 2021
Top 10 cars for dog owners In 2022
Dog-friendly cars share certain traits. They have a large boot so your pet can lie comfortably, they ride smoothly to minimise any travel...
Jun 22, 2021
Top 10 Fastest Cars in The World in: 2021
‘Top speed’ is often seen as a pretty meaningless metric in car production. No car buyer will ever get to hit the top speed of a modern...
Apr 06, 2021
Top 5 affordable EVs available right now
There is no time like the present! And while we may have until 2030 before all new car sales are legally obliged to be at least partially...
Feb 24, 2021
Land Rover announces its sizzling spring sale
We’re big fans of Land Rover here at Regit. While the ownership of the brand may have been transferred over to Tata Motors in India, we...
Feb 23, 2021
Jaguar's new models which you won't want to miss
We’re big fans of Jaguar here in the UK. Not only are the vehicles built on our shores, but the brand is inherently British and its cars...
Feb 16, 2021
The best value Mercedes models available
Mercedes has launched some exceptional new deals to kick-start its 2021 sales. Today we’re having a quick glance at the standout models....
Feb 02, 2021
The Most Exciting EVs coming in 2021
Today we’re having a quick look at the most exciting electric vehicles that are scheduled to hit the showrooms in the next 12 months. 2021...
Jan 28, 2021
9 Best New Car Deals for 2021
Well, thank goodness 2020 is over. What a horrific year that was. Thankfully, there now genuinely appears to be a light at the end of the...
Jan 26, 2021
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