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Looking for the best garage near you? Whether your car needs an MOT, a service, or you just need to know how much it’s costing you, find out valuable information here.

Lexus Relax: 10 year/100,000 mile warranty for your car
How Lexus servicing extends your car’s manufacturer warranty for up to 10 years/100,000 miles.
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Audi Service Plans: save 20% in July 2022
Save 20% on an Audi Service Plan that keeps your vehicle safe, efficient, and running as new.
Did you buy your car using finance? Here's why GAP Insurance is essential. Plus, get 12.5% off!
Why GAP Insurance is essential for every driver who bought their car using finance. And get your exclusive GAP Insurance discount
Pros and cons of a used car warranty
Why a used car warranty can be a tremendous investment but is not the solution to every problem.
Reasons why you should service your car
Service your car to minimise wear and tear, maximise its resale value, and ensure the warranty remains valid.
MINI Service Inclusive: low cost maintenance
Keep your car safe, reliable, and ready for anything with MINI Service Inclusive.
Free MOT with Kia Care Service Plan
May 2022 offer: protect your car with a Kia Care Service Plan and get a free MOT
What should I do if I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car?
Whether it’s down to a recent change in vehicle, or lapse in concentration, misfueling happens. Filling up with the wrong fuel is an easy...
Car safety checks for home: fast, simple, essential
Make sure your car is ready for anything via simple, quick, intuitive safety checks you can do at home.
Getting an MOT is an essential part of car ownership and for many it’s viewed as a hassle
Regit’s research has revealed around 40% of cars fail their MOT at the first time of asking and here’s some of the silly things people...
Your car’s service schedule explained and why it matters
Why understanding your car’s service schedule is key to keeping it reliable, efficient, safe, and ready for action.
Save money with Volkswagen Commercial All-in
How Volkswagen Commercial All-in helps you save money, maintain your vehicle, and get peace of mind on the road.
What should I do after a breakdown?
It’s a complete pain when your car breaks down, but most of us come across this at some point. So here’s what to do to keep you safe if...
Top 5 breakdown causes
As we head into winter, don’t fall foul of one of the top five breakdown causes that British motorists are guilty of.
Get a 6 Month Warranty for FREE and Manage Your Vehicle Under Lockdown
How you can keep your vehicle in one piece during the lockdown and maybe even save yourself some money
Looking After a Jaguar I-Pace Under Lockdown
How to keep your I-PACE performing at its optimum level…
Ford Motorcraft Low Cost Service & Repairs For Spring 2020
How Ford Motorcraft low cost service keeps your older vehicle in prime condition in spring 2020
Audi’s Fixed Price Service Plans Explained
The easiest and most flexible way of paying for the best care for your Audi...
Mazda Service Plan for Safe, Reliable, Great Value Motoring
Why Mazda Service Plan is the cost effective way to keep your car safe, reliable, and ready for anything.
New Ford Discount Code Cuts Cost of Servicing in 2020
Ford slashes the price of servicing your vehicle via its new, easy to use discount code for 2020
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