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We make it easy to buy, maintain, and sell your car…
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Where would we be without our car? It’s there for us every day, in every way - undoubtedly our unsung hero.

It doesn’t ask for much in return but, in our busy lives, it’s hard to give it the care it needs to stay roadworthy and legal.

That's where Regit comes in.

We help you find the right car, give it the TLC it needs and even let it go as we support you on the journey towards greener motoring.

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We're impartial.

And we help you in the simplest possible way, using technology, tools and tips with clarity and transparency.

Buy it. Maintain it. Sell it. Regit.

We make it easy to find and care for the car that cares for you.

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How we work  

We’re a completely free service that has been making life for vehicle owners easy since 2008 – putting everything you need in one place.

Simply enter your reg and we’ll give you a digital garage so you can easily check when your MOT, tax and insurance is due, while you can also track things like your valuation over time and check if your vehicle meets ULEZ, CAZ, or LEZ requirements for the various zones around the UK’s towns and cities.

We also share the latest news that impacts our drivers and have tonnes of helpful resources and reviews to help people make informed choices about their next vehicle.

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We have over 2m Digital Garage holders
850,000+ motorists visit our site each month
We facilitate £50m worth of car sales each month
Our goal is to help 6m motorists. Share with family and friends

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