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From Tax, MOT and Insurance to the history of a vehicle we have all you need to know about staying legal.

UK to introduce new offence for dangerous cycling
Government introduces laws to address serious injuries and fatalities caused by reckless cyclists
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Driving in Europe: do you know the laws?
A little pre-planning and research will help prevent unexpected rules and regulations from putting the dampers on your holiday
Make sure your pets are safely secured when driving
You may be breaking the law if you ignore the rules that are clearly set in force by the Highway Code
Do you know your motoring etiquette?
Motorcyclists will often give a courteous nod as another biker approaches
Regit debunks common car insurance myths
Are your assumptions about car insurance costing you money or putting your coverage at risk?
New regulations introduce grace period for parking fines in Private Parking Code of Practice
The new 'Private Parking Code of Practice' aims to empower drivers by establishing a unified framework that all private car parks must...
More police forces using AI-powered road cameras to detect phone and seatbelt use
The trial of this technology is expanding to ten more police forces, with talks of making it a nationwide initiative.
13 driving myths uncovered
You can rest easy or settle arguments because we have the definitive answers to some common driving questions
Investigation to be launched into whether headlights are too bright
The Department for Transport will initiate an independent report following a petition to MPs regarding the matter.
Illegal phone use still persists among drivers
Recent data from the RAC Report on Motoring reveals that 25% of drivers across all age brackets acknowledge making or receiving voice calls...
Major tax changes for pick-up trucks on the way: Here’s what you need to know
The HMRC has announced a major shake-up into how double-cab pick-ups will be taxed as company vehicle
Significant increase in fixed penalty notices following Highway Code changes from 2 years ago
It has been noticed that the priority assigned to pedestrians and cyclists at junctions in January 2022, led to a notable uptick in fixed...
10 ways you might void your car insurance coverage
If you are caught with invalid car insurance, it could result a £300 fine and 6 points on your license.
Is it illegal to drive with snow on your vehicle?
While it may be tempting to just clear enough to see through a hole in your windshield, it's crucial to be aware of the regulations for...
Government proposes increased fines for roadwork overruns to power up road repair budget
The UK government unveils strict measures on National Pothole Day, proposing increased fines and directing lane rental funds to generate...
Traffic information regulations set to change to help you avoid traffic jams and road works
Regulations coming into force next year will make it easy for sat-nav systems to access live data.
Purchased a vehicle prior to 2021? You might be eligible for compensation.
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is investigating potential compensation for individuals who believe they were overcharged for car...
How to appeal a parking ticket
If you find yourself facing what seems like an unjust ticket, follow these steps to challenge it
You can now be fined £100 if you're caught parking on the pavement in Scotland
Under the fresh legislation, offences such as pavement parking, double parking, and parking at dropped kerbs are all subject to local...
New speed cameras coming to the UK: Here’s what you need to know
Let’s take a look at three new types of cameras already in operation in the UK – and another that could be coming soon.
Pavement parking banned in Edinburgh from January
The Scottish capital will introduce the new ruling when updated regulations come into play on 11th December.
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