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From Tax, MOT and Insurance to the history of a vehicle we have all you need to know about staying legal.

New speed cameras coming to the UK: Here’s what you need to know
Let’s take a look at three new types of cameras already in operation in the UK – and another that could be coming soon.
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Pavement parking banned in Edinburgh from January
The Scottish capital will introduce the new ruling when updated regulations come into play on 11th December.
What is the Automated Vehicles Bill and how will it impact me as a driver?
As part of the King’s Speech, a new legal framework is due to be set up to govern how self-driving cars might be able to work
Is it illegal to park on the pavement in the UK?
Everything you need to know about UK pavement parking, including where it is and isn't legal and how much you can get fined.
Winter Warning: Your Car's Temperature Could Cost You £5,000
The rule every driver MUST know to avoid massive fines and deadly drowsiness...
BEWARE: these widely-used painkillers could land you with a drug-driving conviction
Winter brings a rise in colds and flu for drivers, but be careful as these widely-used painkillers, may impair your driving ability or even...
Drink driving limits in the UK: Everything you need to know
It's still essential to be aware of the UK's drink drive limits, especially if driving the morning after drinking
Wales 20mph Speed Limit: Everything you need to know
Wales have recently reduced the speed limits in built-up areas from 30mph to 20mph. Here's everything you need to know...
What happens if you’re caught speeding and how much will you be fined?
Speeding convictions are at an all-time high. Here’s what you need to know about penalties.
15 driving offences you didn't know were illegal
Check out these 15 driving regulations in the UK that you might not know exist...
What should I do if I've been in a car accident?
This guide will help you prioritise safety for yourself and others, as well as navigate through insurance and legal matters after a car...
What happens if I’m caught without car insurance?
Although the rising cost of insurance premiums might make you consider driving without any cover, this would be foolish as not only is it...
What happens if I am caught without a valid MOT?
What happens if you forget about an MOT and are caught driving without a valid certificate? Regit answers some key questions.
Which penalty codes have the biggest impact on insurance premiums?
What are penalty points/endorsement codes and how do they work and affect you?
Is It Legal to Smash a Car Window to Rescue a Dog in the UK?
Navigating the Legal Landscape: Rescuing Dogs from Hot Cars in the UK
How Young Is Too Young to Drive?
Many children long for the day they can get behind the wheel.
How Old Is Too Old to Drive?
Older age and driving is a sensitive issue, especially as the numbers of older people have been on the increase for decades.
Driving license categories and codes explained
Driving licence categories and codes explained: find out which types of vehicle you are entitled to drive with this quick, easy to follow,...
Is it actually illegal to undertake in the UK?
You’re always told not to undertake whilst learning to drive, so we look at what’s legal and what’s not.
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