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Electric car advice

Electric car advice

Advice on choosing and maintaining your electric car

2024 Scottish Low Emission Zones: Everything you need to know
By the end of this week, motorists in Scotland driving older petrol and diesel cars will face hefty fines for entering Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen city centres.
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How frequently will I have to change the battery in my electric car?
It's a question that often pops up among electric vehicle owners, and for good reason
May 22, 2024
How fast can EVs really charge (and other common questions)
Here, we’re going to go through some of those commonly-asked queries to get to the very heart of what EVs offer.
May 22, 2024
"Can I charge my electric car in the rain?" and Other Common Questions About Electric Vehicles
We've collated answers to frequently asked questions about electric vehicles here
May 22, 2024
Hydrogen: your car's future fuel?
We already utilise hydrogen in space travel, showcasing its potential as a fuel source. So, why the emphasis on electric cars over hydrogen?
May 09, 2024
How can e-fuels contribute to reducing car emissions?
Manufacturers and governments are exploring various fuel options, including hydrogen, but e-fuels and biofuels stand out as prominent...
May 02, 2024
An easy guide for UK small businesses on embracing electric vehicles
Thinking about your carbon footprint not only helps the environment but also boosts your business's reputation and saves money in the long...
Apr 26, 2024
Why are we still not seeing hydrogen cars on our roads?
Many carmakers are working on new models, which is promising for the future
Apr 17, 2024
The future of charging points: trends and predictions
Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay and are key to our future transportation
Apr 17, 2024
Weak mobile signals could make EV charging tricky - but what does it mean for you?
Owners of electric vehicles could find themselves struggling to charge many public charge points because of poor mobile signals, a new...
Apr 12, 2024
Debunking the top 10 myths about EVs
The continuous stream of negative propaganda against EVs seems to be holding back some potential buyers from making the switch to...
Apr 10, 2024
Who is Seres? The Chinese-owned EV brand launching in the UK this year
Seres, a Chinese automaker, is set to enter the UK market this spring with the introduction of its compact SUV, the Seres 3.
Mar 25, 2024
What is the ULEZ charge and who has to pay it?
This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to understand the ULEZ, avoid unnecessary charges, and explore...
Mar 21, 2024
Government grant for home EV charging expanded to include on-street parking
The government has introduced legislation allowing households without driveways to access a grant covering up to 75% of the cost for...
Mar 19, 2024
How do I know if I've driven in a low emission zone?
LEZs and ULEZs are becoming increasingly common in cities worldwide to tackle air pollution. But navigating these zones and their...
Mar 15, 2024
What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells?
Although debates persist regarding the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells, they remain an eco-friendly alternative to...
Mar 14, 2024
How do I know if my car is ULEZ exempt?
Confused about ULEZ and whether your car qualifies for an exemption? You're not alone!
Mar 14, 2024
EVs are 59% less likely to break down than ICE vehicles
Recent data from Start Rescue, has shattered a common myth surrounding EVs
Mar 13, 2024
Annual mileage comparison: petrol and diesel drivers vs. electric car owners
The results are closer than you might think, with one group doing 743 more annual miles...
Mar 04, 2024
Oxford is planning to expand its zero-emission zone - but what does it mean for you?
Oxford has plans to widen its zero-emission zone, creating a larger area in which more polluting vehicles will have to pay to enter.
Mar 01, 2024
House of Lords inquiry finds new incentives and reforms are needed to accelerate UK's EV transition
"The evidence we received shows the Government must do more – and quickly – to get people to adopt EVs."
Feb 06, 2024
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