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Electric car advice

Electric car advice

Advice on choosing and maintaining your electric car

How to charge your electric car at home
Find out how to charge an electric car in a garage, on your driveway, at your workplace, with a 3 pin plug or with solar panels.
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How much does it cost to install an electric car charging point?
Find out how much a car charging point costs for your home, how to get a home charger grant and how domestic wall chargers are installed...
Jul 12, 2022
How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
Find out how much it costs to charge an electric car at home, via a wallbox, in public and where you can charge your electric car for free!
Jul 12, 2022
The cost of running an electric car vs a petrol car
Find out how much money you can save on tax, fuel and maintenance when owning an electric car compared to a petrol or diesel...
Jun 13, 2022
Electric car maintenance: all there is to know
We take a look at all there is to know about electric car maintenance as well as debunking some myths around EV ownership
Aug 12, 2021
Are all electric car charging plugs the same?
What’s the difference between each charging plug? Which cable do I need to charge my car? Read on to find out...
Aug 11, 2021