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Used car value guide

Used car prices are dictated not just by the mileage of the car, but also what optional extras and condition the vehicle is in. We give you three values for your car, based on the following:

  • Private Sale

    Your car valuation can vary, depending on the haggling skill of the private seller. The urgency they have to complete the trade is also an important factor.

  • Trade In

    When trading in, a strong market estimate and separating the trades are crucial in getting the best price. Knowing your car's value helps you offer the realistic high-end price for your car as a starting point for bargaining.

  • Cash Price

    Free car valuations at a specialized service have the advantage of being quick and painless. Keep in mind that there are typically administration fees and a physical evaluation that will take place. This could reduce the price you were hoping for.

Value my car by registration number

Our easy-to-use valuation service allows you to get your car value by simply entering your registration number.

However, there are other sources of car valuations on the web, most of which charge for a value. But for a genuine, free car value try a Regit car valuation now.

What can affect a car's worth?

The things that can increase the value of a car:

  • Full service history

    The paper trail of all maintenance and repair work done on the car is proof that the car has been looked after. Regular maintenance can make your car worth that much more.

  • Lack of damage

    A car that looks and drives like new is the dream for any buyer. Vehicle valuation offers great returns for cars in near-mint condition, visually and mechanically.

  • Exterior condition

    The first impression is crucial. A freshly washed and polished car, with a new coat of paint, will significantly raise the car value in the buyer’s eyes.

  • Interior condition

    Comfortable, good-looking, clean interiors are a great metric to find out what your car is worth. Make sure to clear it out of your belongings and get it thoroughly washed, for maximum effect.

  • Having the paperwork in order

    The presence of V5C, MOT certificates, past insurance repairs and receipts are all great to have when deciding your car’s market value. The buyer will have to reobtain any missing documents.

The things that can decrease the value of a car:

  • Broken parts

    If the car has significant mechanical issues, the pricing of your car will be negatively influenced as well. Damaged internals are typically difficult to replace, but if an opportunity arises it should be a priority.

  • Wear and tear

    Dents, scratches and having a faded colour will all decrease your car’s value. It can be wise to conduct quick repairs before selling the car. A car with visual issues will often make for a poor first impression.

  • Out-of-date MOT

    Savvy buyers know that they’ll have to pay the MOT out of their pocket. It can also create doubt about the car’s current state. In the worst case, expect a car price drop if there's no service history.

  • Modifications

    When thinking about how much your car is worth, know that most buyers aren’t looking for a modified car. Modifications are unlikely to raise the price of the car and will make it more difficult to find interested buyers.

How much is my car worth?

Valuating your car provides an answer to that question. It helps you know the price range you're working with. When planning to sell your car, you should know its market value, so you can always get the best deal. Here are the main benefits of getting a valuation:

  • it's free - you're not going to be asked for a penny.
  • it's fast - you only need to know your registration number and a few details off the top of your head.
  • you'll know how popular your car model is at the time - this always impacts the asking price.
  • it builds trust and confidence with your buyers as the car valuation gives them all the necessary information.
  • it speeds up the process - 9 out of 10 buyers will want your car mechanically evaluated before completing the purchase.
  • it helps you haggle and avoid lowballs when talking to car dealers.
  • fit your timing - choosing to sell at a lower price immediately or wait for a higher one is entirely up to you.
  • puts you in control - with the knowledge of your car's value you're the one calling the shots.
  • it's a perfect starting point - a simple car price check helps you consider the sale better from the start.

A free car valuation helps you know what the best deals are, for no extra cost to you. Pricing the car yourself can lead to errors in judgement and unrealistic expectations. Receive reliable, measurable price ranges to base your judgements on. Become more confident and assertive in your deals. Expedite the selling process and remain content with the final price, knowing you got the best deal.

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