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Tax, MOT and car history affecting the car value

All the PCP, MOT and car service history should be up-to-date when you perform a car value check. If any of these are missing, it will be an important reason for the platforms to depreciate or deny the offer.

  • Outstanding finance
    You can not sell a car on PCP finance until you are done with all repayments or the settlement figure, so a car price check makes sense only for understanding how much does your vehicle cost on the second-hand market.
  • MOT
    It is great to have a valid MOT when accessing a car value calculator. It will confirm that your car is allowed to drive on public roads and a future buyer can ride it, right away. Also, a clear MOT history will provide the valuators a complete picture of your car and will offer you properly.
  • Car History
    Having a clear vehicle service history is a great reason for you to receive the highest possible market value. Any car should perform some scheduled maintenance works even if you drive it a lot or at all, so record all the works done in your service book.
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