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Looking for help with buying or selling a vehicle? Our experts use their knowledge of the marketplace to give you their top tips as well as all of the must-know information you'll need

Gap insurance explained: what is it and why do you need it?
Gap insurance bridges the gap between what your insurance company will reimburse you for the car and its value.
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These are the classic cars which may be more affordable than you might think
There are some classics out there which might be a little more budget-friendly than you might expect
Breaking down boots, frunks and other quandaries when buying a car
For anyone with the slightest sign of number blindness buying, owning and driving a car can be a complete mental minefield
Negotiating price revealed as primary challenge for car buyers
A survey, conducted among 3,000 potential buyers browsing for both new and used cars online, identified key pain points in the process.
You could buy the King’s electric Jaguar
The first electric car of the British royal family, His Majesty King Charles' personal Jaguar I-Pace, is set to be auctioned.
At THIS specific mileage, your car experiences the most substantial decline in its lifetime value...
Experts suggest the optimal mileage to sell your car at is 60,000 miles
Used electric car sales increase by 90.9% in 2023, setting record numbers in the UK
In 2023, the UK witnessed a remarkable surge in the demand for used electric cars, with sales nearly doubling compared to the previous year
More than 50% of car sales in Europe are now SUVs
SUVs not only secured the top spot in popularity in Europe in 2023 but also surpassed the combined sales of all other vehicle categories
Tesla Model Y becomes first EV to claim top spot as the best-selling car in Europe
In a ground-breaking achievement, the title of being Europe's best-selling new car has moved away from traditional combustion engine...
Top 10 fastest selling used cars of 2023
Data from Auto Trader has revealed the fastest selling used cars of 2023, with one selling in a average of 13 days
These are the cheapest new cars you can buy today
Looking for the UK’s most affordable cars? This is what you should consider
10 new SUVs worth waiting for in 2024
From budget 4x4s to luxury electric models, there is a whole range of exciting new SUVs due to arrive on sale in 2024
Used car prices continue to fall: What were the biggest winners and losers
Prices of used cars fell for a third consecutive month in November, contracting by 3.8 per cent year-on-year.
A Look Ahead to 2024: New Family Cars
There are many options if you're looking to buy a brand-new family car in 2024.
These are the cars that have increased and decreased the most in value this year
All prices listed below are based on average asking prices from Auto Trader, from the marketplace’s latest data from October 2023. Let’s...
These are the cheapest new cars sold by the UK’s most popular brands
Car manufacturers are facing increasing costs to produce, develop and sell their models, and as a result, many new cars have jumped in...
How to test drive a used car
Going to look at a previously owned car? Here's what to look for during a test drive...
Review: Why we partner with Motorway
Don't know how to sell your car? See why we recommend Motorway.
These are the best cheap ULEZ-compliant cars
It’s worth remembering there are plenty of compliant ULEZ cars available for low prices
These are the most affordable new cars on sale today (including leasing)
There are still some great new car deals to be had, especially if you look at leasing and financing arrangements.
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