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What You'll Get

We will provide for each car, the following information on a car's MOT History, free as a digital service.

  • Date of Test

    Records when each MOT test took place, letting you keep a simple track of future dates and helping you notice trends ahead of time. It’s important to know the last date of your MOT test, as driving without a valid MOT will land you a fine.

  • Test Result (Pass or Fail)

    Get the most out of your report – at once. Scan through the results to pick out what you need. The simple Pass or Fail system gives you lightning-speed insight into the car’s condition.

  • Test Expiry Date

    This date says when the MOT expires, and as a result, shows the deadline for your next MOT test. Difficult to keep track of, yet vitally important – it is displayed clearly for your benefit.

  • Odometer reading at test (mileage)

    As part of your MOT test, your car will be provided with a free mileage test. This will be noted down onto your MOT and is a convenient way of keeping track of a vehicle’s state.

  • Reason for MOT failure (if applicable)

    A useful addition to your typical MOT report, this section will give you a specific answer as to why the vehicle failed the MOT test. Great for noticing patterns and checking them ahead of time.


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More Information

Check a Car's MOT History

Ever looked at a new car and wondered if the MOT records is as perfect as the seller is telling you? Well, if you have, our MOT checker tool will provide exactly that.

Simply enter the vehicle registration number of the car in question, and we'll do some clever stuff behind the scenes to provide with a full history of every MOT test that car has been through and if it's MOT certificate it up-to-date.

We'll provide each test result, its mileage at point of test, and any advisory notices left by the MOT inspector. No longer will you be in the dark about the provenance of that new car.

Check Your MOT Due Date

In addition, we will also tell you how long is until the MOT is up for renewal and when your MOT certificate expires.

MOT Reminders

If it's your car you are checking the MOT history of, we will also set up reminders to alert you 30 days before it's due to expire. Peace of mind.

MOT Check by Registration

Our service enables you to quickly retrieve your due date by number plate. Unfortunately, without this we cannot check your date. However, you can still avail of our unique reminder service.

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Ryan Harmer
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Paul Morris
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"I found information that I was previously unaware of"
Frank Gooding
Newcastle, United Kingdom

Most common reasons for MOT failure and what's important to check

Lighting & Illumination

Up to 26% of all MOT test failures can be attributed to poorly adjusted headlight direction, faulty brake lights or other faults with the car’s electrical equipment. This number has steadily increased over the years, typically accounting for major issues, rather than dangerous ones.


Standing at an impressive 18% of all found defects, data shows that over 6,500 breakdowns are caused by potholes and poor road conditions in the first quarter of a year alone. Paying attention to any strange noises while taking a corner or passing over a bumpy road can help you avoid failing your car’s MOT.


Accounting for about 29% of all dangerous defects and 14% of all major ones, this issue comes up worryingly often. Additionally, pay attention to the handbrake – as it also is a crucial factor when deciding whether your car passes its MOT test.


Despite making up 12% of all defects, they make up 60% of all classified as dangerous. Regardless of your car's service history, it’s wise to check your tyres periodically, making sure they’re all right. Cuts, lumps and checking with a 20p coin are all great indicators you should take a second look.


Cracks, chips and things blocking the windscreen may all lead to failing your car’s next MOT test. Wipers can also be a source of trouble, make sure to top them up with windscreen fluid before the test.

Body, chassis, structure

Excessive corrosion can be a threat, especially for “future vintage” type cars. Structural weaknesses or holes can also cause an MOT test failure. Especially dangerous are corrosions near steering, suspension, brakes and seat belts. Get them fixed as soon as possible, for your own sake.

Noise, emissions and leaks

If any part of the noise suppression system is likely to become detached, then you’ll fail the MOT test with a dangerous defect. Otherwise, pay attention to the emission levels exceeding limits, loud exhaust noises and any possible leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need the REG number of the vehicle you are interested in to find out its MOT history. Enter it in the specific place on the top of this page and you will receive all the records within seconds.

Yes, this service is online and you can get all the info in less than a minute.

Your MOT will expire at midnight on the due date. If you get your car retested within a month of its expiration, you will be given the full 12 months from the date of expiration. So there's no reason to put off taking the test until the last minute.

For vehicles registered in the UK, a current MOT test certificate is required for any vehicle that is three years old or older, and it must be renewed once a year. If you own a car, it is your obligation to have it inspected at least once a year.

You have to register on Regit.cars and fill up the data about your car, then you will receive an email reminder if your MOT due date is close.