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5,000+ dealers compete to give you their best price when you sell your car with Motorway.

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*Based on the highest vs. lowest offer of 64,022 Motorway sale enquiries, analysed and independently verified by Consumer Intelligence in April 2019, 25.06% of consumers could achieve £1,000 more with Motorway.

**83% of payments are made on the day of handover.

More reasons to sell your vehicle with Motorway

Sell any make or model

From Mercedes to Kia, selling your vehicle in the UK is made easy. Regardless of make or model, you will find your ideal buyer with us. Start your search today.

Car finance untangle

Selling a financed car? No problem! We will help you resolve the car financing with your buyer quickly and painlessly. Simplify the transactions and get a fast online deal!

Transparent pricing

Our system is fully transparent. AI predictions with a personalized touch ensure all the prices you receive are correct. Adjust car parameters, and see how that shifts car quotes in real-time.

100% free service

Trade your vehicle with no mark-up, transaction costs, or any hidden fees. The service is entirely free. Sell with no outside pressure - we'll handle the rest.

Say no to wheeler dealers

Wondering how? Keep away from untrustworthy folk and know your buyer. Read Motorway's reviews and get your highest offer.

Same day payment

Sell your car and receive payment fast. With fast payment, you're not left waiting for your money to arrive. Our transfers are fast and secure, so you have nothing to worry about.

How can I sell my used car?

Wondering what to do when selling a car…? We'll tell you!

  • The first step is to prepare all the necessary documents: MOT, V5C and service bills are the main ones. The more detailed your service book, the better it shows that the car has been looked after well.
  • Next up, find out how much your vehicle is worth. With our online services, it is easy to receive an exact assessment of your car's market value. You'll receive three different prices: one for a private sale, a car dealership price and a third scrap-parts price. These will be based on your car's make, age, mileage and more. All you'll need is your registration number to obtain a free valuation.
  • Ready it for sale. Start by removing all personal touches from the car, including your information from the onboard computer. Find all the necessary keys and accessories and fully clean out the interior.
  • Consider removing any small dents or scratches if possible. Selling your vehicle online involves making it appealing to potential buyers. Making the exterior look better will attract more buyers fast.
  • Tackle a market. When searching "how to sell my car" online, you will find plenty of avenues to choose from. Figure out which work best for you. Most often, this means deciding between posting classified ads for private sales, contacting auto traders or finding dedicated avenues where you can sell it for parts. There is no single best approach. It depends on your car's current state, how fast you want the trade to happen, model and more.
  • Making a sale online has never been easier, and it creates a digital trail for further reference. Remember to notify the DVLA of completing the car transfer, as it could help you get a refund for vehicle tax.

The DVLA actions when selling your car

Until the transaction is completed, you must make certain of the following:

  • Your registration certificate (V5C) - the log book - has your current name and address.
  • Any customized registration numbers you desire to preserve have already been transferred.

Selling your car in the UK

After you have transferred the car to the new owner:

  1. The 11-digit document reference number from your registration certificate is required (V5C) for making the necessary records for the transfer of ownership.
  2. Visit the “DVLA sell my car” page and go through the steps.
  3. After you confirm the sale, the yellow section 9 of your registration certificate (V5C/3) should then be destroyed.

Selling your car on export

  1. Fill out the "permanent export" area in your vehicle log book (V5C).
  2. DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BD is the address to send it to. Include a letter giving the buyer with his or her name and address.
  3. Give the buyer the rest of your log book; they'll need it to register the car in their country of residence.

Selling your car to a scrap

  1. If you want to keep the vehicle's registration number, you must apply here.
  2. When selling the vehicle to the scrap, keep the yellow “sell, transfer or part-exchange your vehicle to the motor trade” part of the vehicle log book (V5C) and give the rest of it to the ATF.
  3. Notify the DVLA that you've taken your car to an ATF. If you fail to notify the DVLA, you could face a £1,000 fine.

After you have transferred the car to the new owner the DVLA will give you a letter verifying that you are no longer liable for the vehicle at the address listed on your registration certificate (V5C). If you don't get a letter within four weeks, call DVLA customer service at 0300 790 6802 to see if you're still liable for your old car.

That's all there is to it!

Frequently Asked Questions

With us, you can sell your car to any car affiliated car buyer, any private person and even for parts with our trusted buyers. We'll find you the best offer.

Yes. Transferring ownership without a V5C is fully legal, but you will have to supply all relevant information in the bill of sale yourself.

You can with Motorway! All you need is a settlement figure from your finance company. This will show you how much balance you have remaining before the finance contract can be ended.

To sell your car in the UK you need the following documents:

  • Proof of sale, with the clause, that the car is bought as seen

However, the following documents might make it easier to sell it and get a decent price:

Yes. Selling your car online is possible without a logbook, but there’s a catch. In the case of missing logbooks, buyers may try to haggle the price down considerably. Therefore, it is recommended to get all documents sorted before continuing with the sale, as it has tangible economic benefits.