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Our comprehensive directory features company details for national and local car dealerships.

With over 1750+ car sellers spanning 27 different districts across the UK, you’re certain to find the one that suits you.

Find all the relevant information for your ideal dealer in just a couple of clicks:

  • Location on the map
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Contacting your dealer before setting out guarantees that the car you’re looking for is available that day.

A dealership will provide you with excellent references to the car’s mileage, service history and overall parameters, before seeing it in person.

Dealerships will also gladly recommend you cars similar to the one you’re considering, so your purchases are always well-informed. Whether used or new, here you can find the best car dealerships in the UK.

Looking to select the perfect seller among a few? Here are some key points to cover, as you’re deliberating:

  • Warranty (extent of coverage, duration)
  • Car mileage
  • Available payment plans
  • The full price to be paid (including all added fees)
  • Is there a Certified Pre-owned program?
  • Car sourcing
  • Possibility of an extended test drive

Grab the best deal on the market for your car by doing the necessary research before you go through with the sale. Compare offers for thousands of cars available at the top-rated car dealerships in the UK. It is always better to ask too many questions, than too few.

Looking for a specific service? Whether it’s part exchange, financing options or trade-in, you can talk shop before ever setting out. Browsing through the different value propositions of car dealerships near you means having more options, leading to better decisions down the line.

Often, motor vehicle dealers will offer digital tours, which are a healthier alternative to an in-person visit these days.

Frequently asked questions about dealerships

It depends on what you’re after. Trusted car dealerships can offer excellent financing options, full warranty coverage and fully certified pre-owned vehicles.

Choose the best car dealership by considering the reviews, post-purchase service options, price flexibility and perks.

After the purchase, you have a 30-day window to return the car if you find a fault with it. At that point, the car dealership will offer you a full refund or repair. Keep in mind, the car must be not of satisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not match the description provided by the dealership.

Knowing that car dealerships belong to 4 distinct categories, can help you narrow down your choices:

  • Brand-only dealers
  • Used-only dealers
  • Independent sellers
  • Online-only dealerships