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What Car Valuation

What is What Car Valuation?

What Car? Is UK’s biggest car-buying household name, with an excellent reputation upheld for nearly half a century. It offers easy and fast car valuations for cars registered after 1998, as well as hosting many car awards.

How to get a used car valuation

To get a car valuation, whether you’re planning to sell or buy, all you need to do is enter the car’s registration number, and mileage on the company’s website. In case your mileage is exceedingly large, there may be no valuation available.

Next, you should specify whether you’re opting for a trade-in when buying a new car, used car, trying to buy the car under the given registration number or planning to insure it. That ensures you receive a valuation that’s more accurate to your needs.

During the next step of the process, you are provided with the registered car’s summary, where you must then enter your first name, phone number and email address. This will help What Car? send you your free car valuation certificate at the end.

By clicking continue, you will be prompted with a quick overview of your car's current condition. There you can select among three options, depending on whether it is in poor, average or excellent condition.

Once you do that, you’re done and will be offered your valuation. The price is dynamically calculated and depends on your car's state. The valuation will be adjusted according to your request: for instance, when trading-in, you’ll be offered a private selling price, as well as a part-exchange price. When buying, you’ll be offered a private sale and a dealership price.

Additionally, there is a list of pros and cons for each choice, to help you make the right decision. This entire service is completely free and immediate, taking about 3 minutes to go through.

Vehicle condition

Your car’s value will depend on your vehicle’s condition. You can see how much it changes the price directly, by altering the selected option. What Car? Offers the following broad categories to choose as part of its car price check:

  • Poor – there are clear mechanical or aesthetic issues with the car
  • Average – minor, but still obvious problems
  • Excellent – no issues whatsoever, whether mechanical or bodywork-related

How What Car Valuation values used cars

When evaluating a car, What Car considers the model, age, mileage and mechanical, as well as the aesthetic condition of the car. All these factors contribute directly to the valuation you receive. What Car's valuation is always exact and up-to-date.

Further insight

What Car has partnered with multiple industry experts to offer excellent services. Financing, warranty buying, MOT and car servicing, among many others, can be the next logical step after getting your car valuated. Don’t miss excellent opportunities, available for free.

About What Car’s Information Services

  • Established over 45 years ago
  • Host of Car of the Year awards
  • Target Price Service to show the maximum asking price
  • True MPG and Real Range systems to set up accurate industry benchmarks
  • Used car awards
  • Regular reliability surveys

What What Car Valuation says

“No one tests cars like we do.” says What Car. ”A What Car? review involves so much more than just putting every car through its paces at a dedicated test track.”

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