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How Regit Car Valuation works

Together with our partner - Motorway, we draw an instant car valuation on information from live arrangements being made in our commercial center to shape a valuation that is pretty much as precise as could really be expected. Our cross-country community of vendors is welcome to see your vehicle in our day-by-day online deals, and that is the way we can assist you with getting your best deal. Yet, things are continually changing, so the vehicle esteem that is high today, may not be so high one month from now.

For getting an online car valuation, you need to provide the next:

  • The REG number
    You are selling your car or you are interested in a particular one, for receiving an instant car valuation, you have to insert its REG number and further, the calculator will collect all the info available about the history of the vehicle, will gather the data regarding the make, model, mileage and will present you the offer.
  • Mileage
    This parameter is essential when selling a used vehicle. The valuation results depend a lot on how many miles did the car travel over the years. So be accurate when inserting the milage in the form, an extra figure or a minus one may greatly influence the value of the offers.
  • Reason for Valuation
    When you opt for an online car valuation, you have to provide the reason why you are interested in it. The logic of this is that you may receive different offers depending on the reason you access this service. You may be interested in selling your car on the open market to different buyers (private or commercial) or you may be interested in selling your car to a dealership and buying a new one instead, or your car was damaged and you want to find out its value without repairing it.
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