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Arnold Clark Car Valuation

What is Arnold Clark Car Valuation?

Arnold Clark is one of the UK's leading car dealers, set up over half a century ago. It consists of many dealerships, service centres, accident repair centres, parts centres - across the UK. Additionally, it supplies business leasing, fleet services, car finance and insurance, vehicle aftercare, servicing, MOTs, accident repairs and ACCIST accident management.

How to get a used car valuation

Arnold Clark supplies free instant car valuations through their website. To get started, you must enter your car’s registration number. Next, you will be provided with your car’s name, and you will be prompted to enter its mileage. Keep in mind that mileage cannot be lower than the one reported during your last MOT, which will be displayed on the screen. Afterwards, you will be offered a price based on the amount Arnold Clark would pay when buying your car.

You will then be offered to book an Arnold Clark car valuation appointment at a nearby branch or complete a full valuation which should only take you around 3 minutes.

Here are the assumptions that were made, which you can review and adjust during the full valuation:

  • Your car has had 1 owner
  • You have the full service history of your car on hand
  • You have at least 30 days remaining on your car’s MOT
  • Your car is not an import
  • It is also not an insurance total loss
  • You have at least two sets of keys for it
  • It does not have a personalized registration plate
  • It was never used as a private hire, driving tuition, police or emergency services vehicle
  • You are the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle

Vehicle condition

Among the assumptions made when deciding your car’s price, were some related to the vehicle’s condition:

  • The exterior is free from imperfections
  • All tyres have a 3 mm tread
  • All wheels are in good condition
  • Interior and glass are free from imperfections
  • Mechanical and electrical parts are fully functional

Adjusting these assumptions to be more exact will offer you a more realistic price.

How Arnold Clark Car Valuation values used cars

Your car’s value is based on the information you provide, as well as their internal metrics, based on over half a century of experience buying and selling cars.

To get a full valuation, or purchase price, an in-person appraisal needs to be done by one of Arnold Clark’s consultants. On average, the appraisal tends to be 3% lower than the one given online. Booking an appointment is free, and can be scheduled at your convenience.

Further insight

In addition to a car price check, Arnold Clark offers straightforward exchange and sale options. Additionally, it’s possible to find a car to your liking, a dealer, rental, get specific servicing options and more.

About Arnold Clark Car Valuation’s Information Services

  • Founded 67 years ago in Glasgow, Scotland, UK by Sir Arnold Clark
  • Had 11,000 employees in 2020
  • Has Arnold Clark Finance and Harry Fairbairn as subsidiaries
  • They were involved with the 2014 Commonwealth Games as a partner organization, helping look after the fleet of official vehicles.
  • In October 2009, the company won the "Glasgow Business Award" for Apprentice Employer of the Year.
  • In May 2016, the company's marketing department was named 'In-House Marketing Team of the Year' at The Drum Awards 2016.

What Arnold Clark Car Valuation says

“As Arnold Clark is the UK’s largest used car dealer, we’re able to offer a competitive price for your car as we don’t send them to auction. We review the prices offered through our valuation tool weekly to make sure we offer the best price for your car.”

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