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AA Car Valuation Service

What is The AA?

The Automobile Association (AA) is a respected, popular, long established brand that provides free used car valuations to the public rather than the trade. Further areas of expertise include: breakdown insurance, driving lessons, route planning and many more.

How to get a used car valuation

The AA provides your free, used, car valuation via its website. Simply enter the vehicle’s registration number and mileage to start. The site then confirms various facts to prove it has identified the correct car. Engine size, for example. To proceed, ensure such statements are correct then enter your contact details.

WeBuyCarsToday.co.uk is a separate company that helps calculate your valuation via the AA. The valuation is, therefore, also an offer to buy your car. An accompanying e-mail explains the process.

Vehicle condition

The AA free used car valuation is based on a wide range of assumptions. For example, the vehicle has:

  • MOT (for more than 2 months)
  • Full service history
  • Never been written-off
  • Never been used for private hire
  • Never been used for rental
  • Never been used for professional tuition
  • Never been used by the police
  • Not been imported
  • No damage
  • Multiple sets of keys

However, the vehicle has to be inspected – at a time and place of your choosing – by a company representative before the valuation/offer is finalised. If, therefore, the company concludes that it falls below the required standard its valuation might fall.

How The AA values used cars

Valuations are based on what similar cars sold for in the recent past.

Further insight

The AA offers further motoring insight via its website. The used car checklist, for instance. This simple, easy to follow, list confirms what to check before visiting a potential purchase, and during the inspection. Also expect tips on how to test drive a vehicle, how to spot scams and a range of other invaluable content.

About The AA

  • Established 1905
  • In its early days, staff were required to salute members
  • Pioneered the first roadside petrol pumps
  • Had 1 million members in 1950
  • Has 15 million members in 2018
  • Largest motoring organisation in The United Kingdom
  • Largest fleet of patrol vans in The United Kingdom
  • Campaigns and lobbies on behalf of motorists
  • Seeks the views of motorists by polling on a vast scale
  • Based in Basingstoke, United Kingdom
  • Listed on London Stock Exchange
  • 7,500 employees
  • £940 million revenue in 2017
  • AA Android and Apple app has a wide range of standard and special, member only, features to make driving more convenient
  • Displays its historic patrol vehicles at museums and shows

What The AA says

“If you are thinking about selling your car online then our car valuation tool will provide a quick price estimate”, the AA says. “This is useful to help ensure that you receive the best possible price - and have an accurate valuation that can be compared against any offers or used to help set an appropriate price when selling.”

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